KD Park Development


KD Parklands Master Plan


West End Park Development

The Kenosha County Parks Division has announced the temporary closure of the West End Park locally known as KD Park, 8530 352nd Avenue, located on the boundary between the Towns of Randall and Wheatland, adjacent to the Village of Twin Lakes. KD Park will be temporarily closed due to development of the roadway, parking lots, and storm water management features as part of Kenosha County’s WDNR Stewardship Grant award. The Stewardship grant is a shared 50/50 match between the State and Kenosha County with a total project cost of $525,837.50.

The construction project and park closure will begin on August 1, 2016 and it is anticipated to reopen to the public in the fall of 2016. This project is considered the first phase of the development of the park and will include the construction of the access drive located off CTH KD (352nd Avenue), as well as parking stalls, storm water management features, and signage. These improvements will allow visitors to access the park and its recreational amenities such as hiking paths, fishing, and non-motorized watercraft activities. Phase one of this development will provide more accessibility within the park.

The KD Park master plan highlights the importance of creating a Sustainable Living Park that emphasizes environmentally conscious planning, development, and maintenance of this park. In 2001, Kenosha County purchased a 234-acre former gravel mine site to convert to a park which was later expanded by 113 acres with Stewardship funding in 2012. KD Park features rolling topography, a 39-acre lake, wetlands, and remnant oak savannas.

Warren Close Bark Park will remain open.

 KD Parklands Master Plan

Hunting permits to hunt at KD West are available from the Parks Division

  • Permits will be issued only between 7 AM at 3:30 PM at the Public Works office (19600 75th Street, Suite 122-1, Bristol WI 53104). You may view the application online, but you must apply in person at the office.
  • The KD West Hunting Permit contains special hunting restrictions.
  • Permits will only be written for 4 specific days at a time.
  • Permits include a map of the hunting area and parking.
  • The number of daily hunters is limited to 4.
  • Permits must be carried with you when hunting.
  • Please make sure you have your ID and your WDNR hunting license with you, as we will need to see a valid license and WDNR customer number before we can issue you a permit.


Green Ribbon Committee

Working with JJR, the three work-groups of the Green Ribbon Committee developed a master plan for the KD Park.

Phase One

Phase One of the planning process was completed in June 2011. This phase consisted primarily of gathering information including:
  • case studies of sustainability projects and communities from around the world
  • an analysis of the KD Park site (e.g., topography, existing trails, water and drainages, wetlands, etc.)
  • an assessment of the site's restoration potential
  • potential program elements, such as sustainable design building exhibits, specialty gardens, fitness stations, small scale biomass facility, and many others

More Information

If you would like any further information about the plan, please contact the Kenosha County Parks office at 262-857-1869.