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Petrifying Springs Park

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  1. Ball Diamond
  2. BBQ Grills
  3. Chess Tables
  4. Cross Country Skiing
  5. Dog Park
  6. Golf Courses
  7. Hiking Trails
  8. Horseshoes
  9. Playground
  10. Public Access Spring Water Fill Station
  11. Public Restrooms
  12. Sand Volleyball Courts
  13. Sledding Hills
  14. Snowshoeing

This is the flagship of Kenosha County Parks. Known to locals as “Pets,” this park is the oldest in the system and offers a wide range of enjoyment for people of all ages throughout the year. The rolling landscape adds beauty as well as challenge to its 18-hole golf course. Excellent picnic areas feature 5 picnic shelters, restrooms and playground areas, softball diamonds, nature trails, sand volleyball courts. Home to one of the State’s natural hardwood forests, the fall color in both the park and on the golf course is breathtaking. Comprised of 360 acres, this park is located on County Highway “A,” just east of State Highway 31.

To reserve any of the facilities, please contact Kenosha County Parks.

There are also two outdoor chess tables at Petrifying Springs Park: one by Parking Area 1 by the well, and another at Parking Area 4 by the river. These are free to the general public, but please note that you will need to bring your own pieces.

Restrooms are located near areas 2, 4, and 5. 


  1. Area 1

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  2. Area 3

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  3. Area 4

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  4. Area 5

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  5. Area 6

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  6. Sand Volleyball Area 3

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