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Eviction information
Eviction and Move Information for Banks and Landlords

Notice to Landlords and/or Bank Reps

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Your walk-through will be scheduled for ________________.  A deputy sheriff will call you ______business day(s) beforehand to notify you of the scheduled walk-through time.  The walk-through will be limited to approximately 15-minutes.

The Procedures and RequirementsPLEASE READ

The Wisconsin State Statutes listed below are provided for your assistance.  It is your responsibility to know the content and the requirements.  If you have any questions please consult with an attorney.  The Sheriff’s Department cannot give any legal advice and can only instruct you as to our procedures.
Information on Landlord/Tenant rights is available on line in “The Wisconsin Way”.  The handout is available at the following locations: Toll-free Hotline: 800 422-7128 Website: www.datcp.state.wi.us
Failure to follow our procedures or requirements set forth in the statutes will result in a cancelation or delay of the eviction and may cause the Writ to be returned back to the court as unsatisfied.
The Procedures listed below are required either by Wisconsin State Statutes or by the Courts.

Steps for the execution of the Writ (Eviction): 

1.      Upon receiving the Writ and required fees, a deputy will serve the defendant(s) a copy of the Writ personally or by posting the dwelling door.  The entrance door of the dwelling must be CLEARLY marked as listed in the Writ. (ie: Apt 1, Upper, Lower, etc) 

2.      At the scheduled walk-through date deputies will arrive and remain outside.  They may not know who you are so please approach them and identify yourself.  Deputies will then enter the dwelling and execute the Writ by evicting the defendant(s).  If any personal property remains and the deputy decides it has ANY monetary value, per WI Statute 799.45(3) (C), a move will then be scheduled.

ü  Please have a locksmith present if you do not have keys to the property.

3.      The home is secured.  No one, including the tenant(s), is allowed to enter unless it is to prevent damage or to prevent an emergency from occurring.  NO PROPERTY OR DEBRIS MAY BE REMOVED.  No exceptions.

ü  The dwelling must immediately be secured either by changing all the locks or by other means.

4.      The move is completed (See reverse side for Moving Fees).  The Writ is returned back to the court satisfied.

ü  A “Second Walk-Through” can be requested prior to entering (Step 2) as time limits permit, for an additional fee of $20.00.  The additional Fee will be required if the plaintiff is unable to gain entry to the dwelling, cannot immediately secure the dwelling, or does not show for the scheduled walk-through.

Cancelation of a move:

A move can only be canceled if a request is made to the court that issued the Writ prior to STEP 2 or by having the defendant(s) sign a property release waiver relinquishing rights to the personal property.   

ü  The waiver is a form which is provided and retained by the Sheriff’s Department.  It must be signed in the presence of a deputy or by the staff at Sheriff’s Department.  NO OTHER WAIVER MAY BE USED.
ü  The person(s) signing the waiver must be the defendant(s) and possess proper identification.
ü  The plaintiff has the responsibility to notify the defendant(s) to make contact with the Sheriff’s Department if he/she wishes to sign a waiver.

Plaintiff conducting their own move:

The Plaintiff may complete the move themselves or contract with their own moving company.  The Plaintiff MUST obtain a bond or insurance policy and follow requirements set forth in WI Stature 799.45(3) (m).  The bond or insurance policy provided must be the ORIGINAL and the value must be 3 TIMES the estimated value of the remaining property.  All notifications required by the statute subsections must be in written form prior to the walk-through.

Any Questions Please Call

Kenosha County Sheriff’s Department - Civil Process Unit 262-605-5104




Movers Fees

Mover’s Fees

If you do not elect to conduct your own move or contract with your own moving company the Sheriff’s Department will then contract with an approved moving company.  Below are the only three moving companies the Sheriff’s Department currently has authorized for conducting an eviction.  The Sheriff’s Department has been limited to those three companies because of their availability and their willingness to move and store the property as required by State Statute.

You may request one of the moving companies below to conduct your move.  The request is just preliminary in case a move is required.  You, however, must notify the Sheriff’s Department Process Unit of your choice prior to the scheduled walk-through in order to process your request.  Otherwise, the moving companies will be scheduled on a rotating basis.

The fees are required as part of their business and cannot be negotiated by the Sheriff’s Department.  The Sheriff’s Department can only determine if the fees are fair.

1st National Real Estate

24711 89th St. Salem, WI 53168     Phone:  262-620-0391     Fax:  800-906-5970


Per Hour – Note: 2 hour minimum.  Travel time is added.


Fuel Surcharge - Note: East of I-94 fee waived if move last longer than 2 hours.


Unload Fee – Truck load                                     (½ Truck load $75.00)


Towing Fee - Per tow


Cancellation Fee - Prior to 4 hours of scheduled move.                                                                             Note:  Fuel Surcharge fee if they arrive on scene.



Cancellation Fee – More than 4 hours of scheduled move.







Otto Nelson & Sons United Van lines


6203 28th Ave Kenosha, WI 53143     Phone:  262-654-2171     Fax:  262-654-2155


Regular Time Rates:  2 hour Minimum Charge.  Travel time is added.

Person(s) Per Vehicle

Per Hour

15 Minutes

30 Minutes

45 Minutes

1 Person





2 Persons





3 Persons





4 Persons





5 Persons