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County Municipal Ordinances
Chapter 1
Supervisory Districts
Chapter 2
County Board Rules of Procedure
Chapter 3
County General Government
Chapter 4
Sheriff's Department
Chapter 5
Joint Action Emergency Government
Chapter 6
Road Naming and Building Numbering
Chapter 7
Traffic Code
Chapter 8
Licenses and Permits
Chapter 9
Public Peace and Good Order
Chapter 10
County Parks
Chapter 11
Comprehensive Plan
Chapter 12
General Zoning and Shoreland / Floodplain
Chapter 13
Non-Metallic Mining Reclamation Ordinance
Chapter 14
Subdivision Control Ordinance
Chapter 15
Sanitary Code and Private Sewage System Ordinance
Chapter 16
Kenosha County Environmental Health / Food Ordinance
Chapter 17
Kenosha County Stormwater Management Erosion Control and Illicit Discharge
Chapter 18
911 Emergency Telephone Service
Chapter 19
Ethics Code for Kenosha County Board Supervisors
Chapter 20
Ethics Code for Officials and Employees
Chapter 21
Fair Housing Ordinance
Chapter 25
Construction and Effect of Ordinances
General Index to Municipal Code of Kenosha County